Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9 weeks - Shiny! New! Improved! Yet, Old! and the Same!

So despite the fact that I haven't even posted any of these yet, so nobody out there could be bored, I am totally bored with that list of questions! Seriously, the repetitiveness and the questions that I won't be able to answer for another 6 months? I can't even come up with snarky replies to them.

I'm late this week - 4 days late posting. I've been exhausted, run down, fatigued, running on zero. I have been lower than I ever thought my body could go. And yet? What a week! We had an ultrasound last Monday. And check out this picture of a picture of a fuzzy somewhat gummy-bear baby! Complete with a heartbeat!!! A heartbeat you guys!!! I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it. Hi Baby!!!

Lots of ups and downs otherwise, I had a couple of days I felt great, and then many that were not so great. My favorite food is still a Jimmy Johns #13, no mayo, no avocado, with sauce and extra tomatos on wheat. Oh yum. And I love milk.

Unfortunately I have barely been able to work out. Walks and yoga have been all that I can handle, and even those are too much sometimes. I'm out of breath quickly, I start to feel sick and lightheaded if my heart rate gets too high, and it just doesn't work. That is one of the most frustrating parts, and considering all the food I've eaten, my pants have already gotten tighter, and a couple pairs have been thrown into the cannot wear pile....my poor, poor pants!

We told Chris' mom this week. It was awesome. She cried, then Chris, Joe, and I started crying, and my nephew was wondering what the heck was going on. After being clued in he promptly stated that he would prefer a boy to play with. I reminded him that if it was a girl, it would be my daughter, and therefore the coolest girl in the world.

Whatever you are kid, you will be loved. I can't wait to meet you.

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