Saturday, November 21, 2009

11 weeks

I'm pretty self-concious sometimes. I kept thinking "what if someone stops by, reads this blog, and all they see is a bunch of week by week pregnancy updates?" So I was worried that maybe I should stop, that maybe I shouldn't be a crazy week-by-week mommyblogger. But who cares, right?! These are my memories and my weeks. If I don't write them down I'll never remember them.


I've made it to 11 weeks. I think my risk of m/c is extremely low (knock on wood here) now. We're telling the family on Thanksgiving and making it public the week after that. I have an NT scan to see if the baby is showing any signs of downs or Trisomy 13/18 on the 2nd. I'm nervous about the scan but excited to see the baby again. I want the scan mostly for the ultrasound, but I am totally a planner too. I do want to know if there's something I should be preparing for. We'll just hope for the best though.

I cannot wait to be out of this first trimester. I just can't completely shake the nausea - and it's all day....morning sickness my ass. The fatigue has gotten quite a bit better but still isn't gone. Work has been tough, I'm supposed to be working a ton but am only getting in about 45 hours a week. Only, I know, but really the guilt of not working more is huge. Blech. I spend a lot of time now searching etsy for nursery ideas. I kind of like fox themes, owl themes, and I saw a little red riding hood picture that I would love to base a room on. I suck at decorating though - so we'll see how the baby's room turns out!

My birthday was awesome. Totally relaxing, full of family and food. Just what a girl wants on her 30th birthday. My mom made me an amazing brunch, which involved breakfast pizza, baked french toast, and apple cider. Oh, and cake of course!

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