Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A half a year

So I've been thinking about doing a more comprehensive update because I seem to be able to force myself to post once a month, but I never get to Eliot because they're all about Malcolm now. Which, maybe Malcolm doesn't want to share?

Aw, never mind.


 So yes! Malcolm is 6 months. What a cutie he is too. He is trying to crawl and pretty close to sitting up on his own. Loving that he's healthy and developing and all that but I am not looking forward to baby proofing my house. Yikes. Little Malcolm has also decided that he is not 6 months old, but he is 3 years old and will play with the same toys that 3 year olds play with. If Eliot is playing with trains, no other toy will do but a train. If Eliot is playing with cars, a car must be slobbered on (I am praying they have high standards for Hot Wheels paint ingredients). If we are reading books at night he must be playing with a book. Preferably chewing on the book I'm trying to read to Eliot. Malcolm is one of the most happy, smiling, giggling babies ever. He is so easy to get giggling. It's so interesting to see the differences between him and Eliot. I miss cuddling with Malcolm all the time. I try and soak it all up when I am cuddling with him, I definitely got more cuddling time from Eliot. Malcolm has had his first food! True to Malcolm fashion he insists on feeding himself, at the tender age of 5.75 months. Seriously. He has loved everything we've given him, and has already figured out how to drink out of a sippy cup with a straw. Whippersnapper!

Eliot is so social now! He continues to be a little hesitant physically but he's making friends and is willing to stick himself out there socially, and is definitely a bit braver when bigger kids are around. Watching Eliot make friends with kids at the hard for me. There's always this moment where I seem to hold my breath, waiting for them to ignore him or hurt him somehow. Who says parenthood is always about them? Definitely brings up some of my own issues. They don't, they haven't, and I have to let him do most of the social navigation. It's good for him. I always encourage him to say hi to everyone, to wave and yell hello to other kids and people. He's not me, for better or worse. He's starting to enjoy baseball and can hit the ball pretty well. I'm debating signing him up to play on a team next year. We'll see what this school year (ACK!) brings.

Funny self discovery story -

Eliot: I have a nose in my mouth!
Me: Huh?
Eliot (with mouth wide open): There's a nose in my mouth (pointing at his uvula - little hangy thing in the back of his throat).
Me: Ah, I see.

Eliot has started asking "Why" for everything. Mostly not even to get a response but to stall and keep us talking. Eliot is...3 in all it's glory, he's difficult and wonderful and needy. He's smart and active and frustrated at the things he can't do. He is funny - truly funny - and sweet and cuddly sometimes too. He can throw spectacular tantrums. He still needs his mom and sometimes I forget that when he's fighting with me like a teenager and really he just needs a hug. But we always make up.

Me: Eliot, I love you so much!
Eliot: Mmmmhmmm Mama, I love you too much too.

These boys. These boys are carrying my heart around daily. Be careful with them world.

The case of the 4 missing keys

This is the reason I shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of anything. 

A a little background. We bought a new car, a Toyota highlander to be exact, to replace our small SUV. It's an awesome car and very high tech. One of the bonuses is that the door unlocks and the car starts as long as the key is nearby. This made me a little nervous because I'm great at losing keys. 

Last Tuesday I went on a work trip. I was responsible for checking out the car. When we went to leave the girl who actually retrieved the car said the one I checked out didn't have a key and she had to take a different one. Odd, I thought. 

Thursday I went to pump at a downtown building. You need keys for the room. I spent about 15 minutes digging in my purse and they were nowhere to be found. I decided to go pump and work at home. 

Sunday comes around and I dig into my purse and ask Chris why he put his car keys in my purse. Upon closer inspection, they are the missing keys from work. No!!!!

Monday morning I am attempting to leave for work with the small car and cannot find my key anywhere I have to take Chris' key. 

I run into work and return the company key. I send a long email apologizing. 

A couple hours later I reach into my purse and see the pumping room keys just sitting in the compartment they are always in. Then I effortlessly pull out both small car keys. I excitedly text Chris that all is right with the world. 

He disagrees. I left the keys for the new car in the diaper bag he was then carrying. Sigh. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Malcolm is 5 months old!

Or was, I guess. It finally happened. I became too busy to update these on time. Two kids is kicking my butt logistically.

I did take his 5 month pictures on time. Just haven't had a chance to write here.

Enough about me though!

Malcolm, you have become our happy little guy. You love to bounce, smile, and giggle. You are barely ever fussy and you love to watch your brother and cousin play. We bore you a bit because you're much more content when your brother is flying around with his antics. Eliot is so good with you too, and you love any attention from him. You look for him all the time, it is so cool to see your relationship grow. You still love baths, outside, getting your diaper changed (seriously!), and now you've started sucking on the pointer and index finger on your right hand fairly consistently.

 I know we started Eliot on solid foods about this time, and you are totally acting ready, but I'm just not. See above about logistics. Solid food just adds this whole other component to getting ready that I'm not about to handle yet. You get to wait a couple more weeks, until I've wrapped my head around the fact that you're going to be a half a year old. I love you so much, Malcolm. I'm not sure what we did without you. You fit so perfectly into our family and we're having so much fun seeing your personality come out!

  At the beach and a famous smile
Party time

Big Buddha cheeks