Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Malcolm

Who would've guessed that 2 years after your birth you would no longer be the baby? Certainly not me. But surprise, surprise here we are, and you are a big brother yourself less than 2 years after arriving in this family. I'm sure that being the middle of three children will have its challenges. But you. Oh Malcolm. I know a 2 year old personality is totally not indicative of your entire life but you are such a sweetie.

You are just...special. You've got a gentleness and openness that I envy. You're willing to walk away when you know you can't win, and you love to just do your own thing, whatever thing that is, that makes you happy. You're expressive - you have the most expressive eyebrows I have ever seen. You have a great little jumpy run that I will be so sad to see leave. This year you went from baby to toddler/little boy. Your language alone just exploded - you started the year with a couple words and ended it being able to say almost anything. We had some excitement - you are allergic to bees and had your first ambulance ride...lights and sirens and everything. I guess now we know but summers have a whole new feeling now that we know how you react to bees. You can also assert yourself pretty strongly. You throw longer fits than Eliot ever did, but most of the time you're more easygoing so who knows why that makes sense. You're also an easygoing eater - which thank goodness. It's nice to have someone to share food with. Although sometimes you'll only eat off of our plates which can be frustrating.

You're smart - you were picking up colors and letters before you were even 2. I love your snuggles, however brief they are for your busy-ness. I love how fearless you are and willing to climb and strive and try for anything. And I love you. I love everything about you - we all do. I love having you as my son. I love having you in this family. I can't imagine life without you and I'm so glad you're ours.

We love you Malcolm - I hope some of your 2-year old self stays with you forever. You're a beautiful person and I can't wait to see who you become.