Monday, June 15, 2015

Theo Turns 5 Months Old

Oh, the third child. Forgotten, but not unloved. I guess my only excuse is that I'm so busy trying to soak up every moment with my children that I don't write them down. Look at him. I couldn't even be bothered to change him into a white onesie. You poor baby.

Eliot at 5 months
Malcolm at 5 months
So who is Theo now that he's 5 months old? He's lovely. He's happy and smiley and loving. He loves his family, particularly his brothers. He has 2 teeth - 2! That's the earliest of any of my boys. He has rolls that don't stop. He's ticklish and squealy. He likes it when I pretend to eat his toes. He rolls both ways. We call him Baby Theo, or if you're Malcolm Baby Tee-o. I just love having a baby around.

Eliot adores him. Malcolm is nice to him, but will not let Theo borrow his blankets. Nobody gets to borrow Malcolm's blankets though. Having Eliot around is awesome for Theo. When I'm making dinner Eliot can entertain him! These children are starting to take care of themselves....almost.

Theo is a little Malcolm look-alike. I literally can't tell their baby pictures apart. So nice we made him twice. Here are some's the best I can do!

We love you Baby Tee-o.