Thursday, November 18, 2010

5, 6, 31

Eliot, 5 months
I will eat this bear. I AM A BIG BOY MAMA
These two....loves of my life

The neglected one - 6 years old today!

Just chilling.Trick or Treat. Now how do I get over there...

31. Happy birthday to me too.
Could you get any cooler Eli? We're having a blast watching you grow. Lots of new stuff this month - your babbling continues to get more and more diverse. You have little conversations with yourself all the time. You "sing" when we do, especially when we're rocking you. You love music - love us to sing to you. Your favorites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old McDonald. You get this huge smile on your face every time we sing either one. So we sing them a lot. I never get sick of making you smile and giggle, so I'm often acting like a complete fool. You love it though - wait til you're a teenager....just remember, you started this habit! You're better at rolling, can roll from your back to your side, but never bother to roll to your tummy, but you don't really love being on your tummy, so I think it's a choice. You can almost sit up on your own, and do it for short periods of time, but you topple pretty quick. You love your saucer, and your little einstein music toy. You are not such a fan of your carseat lately. You play with a sippy cup now, and grab for our cups and food. You're pretty close to eating real food yourself...and I can't believe how fast that's coming up. You've got an awesome laugh, and join in when people around you are laughing...trying to be part of the group already. You are so freaking cute - people stop me to tell me how cute you are. You're still pretty gross though. Daycare talks about how gassy you are, you cover everything with spitup, and you are great at having ill-timed explosive poops. Like I said, it's a good thing you're cute, we'll keep ya.

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