Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 months! Half a year! AH!

Pretty sure the bear shrunk this month.

Pre-food practice time

A christmas elf!

Eli's first snowstorm - he was unimpressed. We left him sitting there for about 15 minutes and he didn't make a peep. Probably overwhelmed by our parenting skills.

His lack of enthusiasm continues

And here he's just giving me the stink eye. You live in Minnesota kid, get used to the weather.

First trip to Underwater World at MOA - he loved it!

Vikings Cheerleaders. All Eli could pay attention to was BOOBS. Typical boy!


Thumbs up to apples mom - I had no idea toys could taste so good!

6 months. How has it been half a year since you were born. You look oh so big to me now, even though I already know I'll look back and wonder at how small you once were! You are so able, and you're not even walking. You're reaching, stretching, twisting, throwing, crying, laughing, smiling, screaming, grabbing your way into whatever you want. And we help you. We let you. We want you too but at the same time don't. I want you to stay my baby, to be this sweet and this exciting and new forever. But that would be a disservice, because you are ready to get into everything, and I can't wait to see you grow. Grabbing our plates, our phones, our cups, our hands, my hair, my lips, my heart. You play now, all by yourself - you take your toys and hit them together and fling them to the floor. You're so surprised at what you can do! I can see the amusement in your eyes when you make something happen....the fact that you can manipulate the world! I can see the little boy you are slowly becoming, your face matured this month, your body is so much longer, so much bigger. You got your first tooth and I've never been so excited about a tooth in my life. You ate your first food and thought it was a little weird...sweet potatoes...I adore them so I figured you'd immediately love them. But I think you need to try it a couple more times to get the hang of what food is, you're going to love food if you're anything like me! You're sitting now, and almost getting into crawling positions, you get your little butt up in the air, but you're not quite there yet. We'll wait. It's all going so fast. You adore the cat and the dog - that cat is going to be your motivation to crawl!

You can be quite serious. It takes you a second to warm up to people. But you get in moods where you'll crack up at one thing over and over. Your dad is best at this, apparently he's hilarious. You played peek-a-boo for the first time, laughing over and over as you hid your face and popped back up and we yelled peek-a-boo. Your dad makes monkey noises and you are rolling in giggles. We all make fools out of ourselves for you. You had your first thanksgiving, and quite enjoyed the party. You love being busy, being entertained, any sort of stimulation! Christmas is coming and I can't wait. You already love staring at the lights on the tree - you'll love wrapping paper. Merry Christmas little man. 2011 look out - it's gonna be a big year for you!
16 lbs, 15 oz
25.25 inches
46 cm head

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