Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 Months

7 months old. Mom's timing was off, so the smile was a little less on than the other months.

He's got a mean right hook. He may be trying to tell me he's done with these monthly pictures. Too bad kiddo - you're mine until you can walk away. How's that for motivation?

Kisses from Grandma on Christmas Eve Morning. You should be used to this by now.

Christmas morning and looking ridiculously excited about his sled.

First swimming lessons!

Granpda - 58 years old on the 18th. Eliot - 7 months on the 18th. Eliot really dressed up for our dinner out.

This kid wants to do everything we do.

Ha. Haha. My litlle elf.

Twins. About 30 years apart.

Okay, so I'm backdating this because we had The Plague and then I had to travel for work. Really, there was no ability to write anything coherent when you think you're going to die. It is so hard to leave out the stuff that he learned to do in the last week!!
I feel like I'm going to forget so much. Too much. I'm trying so hard to write it all down but there are so many little things, little routines you get into, that disappear without us noticing. You do this thing with your hands, we call it motorcycle hands, where you look like you're revving a motorcycle. You think it's funny when I sound like a monkey. When you're in your saucer you'll jump now if I jump. You love mirrors and give huge smiles to the baby you see in there. You'll have squealing conversations (okay, so they're one-sided) with the cat and the dog, trying to get them to respond! You've got your 2 bottom teeth and are getting your top ones soon - I can tell because you're not sleeping and chewing on everything that gets in your way. Including us. Your first swim lessons were this month. You liked it - liked watching your hand move through the water. Your favorite part was when they gave you a rubber duck to chase after. You like to move through the water to get it. That class is so full of cuteness it's sick. 13 babies under 2 years old. Ridiculous. You are SO ready to move. You're getting into a crawling position, but kind of slide onto your stomach pretty quickly after that. You lunge yourself at whatever you want - and just expect us to catch you. Before, I was thinking it would be no big deal when you started moving but all of a sudden your activity level has skyrocketed. It's gonna be nuts.
Food. You're a pretty good eater - you love bananas, sweet potatos, carrots, apples, pears, and blueberries. You're not so nuts about peaches, mangoes, green beans, and avocado. Not really big on anything green yet.
Christmas was this month. It was a lot for all of us - but such a special day. We got you a sled, a spinning car toy, balls, and clothes. You were true to the old saying that you enjoyed the wrapping paper more. Your grandparents did a good job of not going too overboard on your gifts - you won't remember and you won't play with gifts you get this age anyways. It was fun to have a little child in the family though - I missed that. You love a crowd though - you don't mind being passed around at all, and skipped all your naps that day. Overwhelming, but such a fun day.
It's 2011 now. No longer the year you were born....you're getting too close to 1 year old for my comfort but there's no slowing you down.

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