Monday, July 26, 2010

The strangest things!

So motherhood has made some strange things happen for me....
  • I have broken 4 cups, 1 bowl, and 1 coffee mug (filled with the last bit of ice cream in the house - sigh) since bringing Eliot home. We had to go buy more cups, unfortunately the bowl and coffee mug are discontinued. I haven't broken that many dishes since we got them at our wedding 5 years ago. Being one-handed is not my style.
  • I am constantly covered in some sort of baby fluid. Mother nature really counts on the cuteness factor to overcome the ick factor of these really gross babies.
  • I put the butter in the freezer after making toast and laughed at Chris for putting the butter in the freezer. It was me.
  • It seems like all I eat, and all I have time to eat, is toast.
  • I must always remember to at least glance in a mirror before leaving the house. I've left with a giant gob of peanut butter on my face (from toast), and a giant smear of charcoal from some wood fired pizza that my lovely friends brought for me. Both times I have had conversations with people while looking like a hot mess.
  • I'm nursing. I'm so worried I'm going to forget and walk outside without my shirt completely done up. This is not far out of the realm of possibilities because it feels like I'm constantly feeding him and therefore constantly have my shirt undone.
  • The cat started chewing on my shoes since we brought the baby home. Now I also have to remember to put them in the closet. Sadly, my favorite sandals have cat bite marks all over them because I'm so used to just walking in the door and taking off my shoes.

I'm sure I'll get a routine going...for now, on with the strangeness!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Month

Eliot - newborn

Eliot - 1 month

Today you are one month old Eliot. This month went so fast, I'm sure the next 11 will fly by too. You have changed so much! It seems like most of your developments have happened in the last week. You've smiled at us (ah! My heart melted at this), you will actually look at our faces now and study us. You love to look out the windows, and enjoy your toy with the blinking lights. You are noisy! You've still got a lot of gas little guy and you're constantly trying to work it out. You spend most nights keeping us awake with your grunts and straining noises. Otherwise you are a perfect baby. Your fussiness is usually short lived. You're getting really good at getting your fists to your mouth, and really love it when you find your thumb. You don't often find your thumb though! You're so much more aware now! Your eyes are open so much more lately. It's a great thing, other than when I want to take a shower or shove some food into my mouth. You're somewhat scheduled on your own doing (believe me, I have almost no ability to affect when you're hungry, awake, or sleepy). Most of the time we get one 4 hour stretch of sleep at night. Otherwise it's 2 hour stretches. I love that 4 hour stretch and am very crabby when it doesn't appear! You love to sleep on our chests and love your back patted. You love your Ergo carrier too!! Your daddy likes to carry you in stores sometimes - all the ladies make a big deal out of you. You get a lot of comments on how beautiful your coloring is too - you look like I left you in the sun to tan! You're a beautiful boy Eliot, I can't wait to see more of your personality. I can't wait to make you laugh and giggle!

It's going so fast already....slow your roll little man.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Only and Already

How can you only be 19 days old? How can you already be 19 days old?

It's like some sort of crazy time warp, where I can't imagine life without you, but I can see how fast this is going. How you immediately started catapaulting towards toddlerhood, childhood, adulthood. How each moment I get to hold you and cuddle with you is precious, a moment in time I will never get back, a moment you may not allow me to have in a few short years.

Oh Eliot. What have we learned since you got here? You love to stare at lights. You'll quietly enjoy windows or lights with your big brown eyes for long periods of time. You'll look at your dad and I, but for shorter periods of time. We figure you're bored by us already. You smile sometimes when you're full...maybe it's gas...but it's the right muscles and your smile is beautiful. You're strong, so very very strong! You can hold your head up, turn it around and to where you want it, and you place it back down on our chests instead of letting it flop. And you have a huge head kid, so this is no small feat! You can roll from your back onto your side, which scares your mama quite regularly. You make the funniest noises. You often sound like a dolphin. Chris and I can't even reproduce some of the sounds you make. I've tried to catch them on video, but you're making them more rarely now....and unpredictably of course. You sleep a ton...and don't care where you are once you're asleep. If you're fussy, you want to be held, love to be rocked, and to have your back patted or rubbed. It's good for all of us. I love rocking you, even if there are things I'm supposed to be getting done. I love that you make me slow down and help you relax. The ultimate is if we'll let you suck on one of our fingers, we reserve that for when you're almost're either not interested or don't get the pacifier thing. Which is ok with us! You're still a great eater, and we're both getting more comfortable with setting up to eat. Your dad is a pro at calming you down, and I'm the one with the food. You can definitely identify me, the milk lady. You love walks and mostly fall asleep every time we leave the house. If you're in the stroller or ergo carrier you're most likely asleep. If not asleep, you're just quietly awake...unless you're hungry....but that's an easy fix. It's been great for getting out of the house, which is awesome because I'm getting a little stir crazy. You've had a heck of a time learning how to fart and poop. You strain constantly and I feel so bad for'll strain for hours and then let out one little toot. New guts must be incredibly hard to break in. You're getting better though, learning already! Sometimes I feel like I should be "doing" more with you. Infants aren't really interested in much. Cuddles and's pretty easy actually unless you get fussy. You're amazing. I spend more time watching you than tv. I love being with you, love watching you try and process things, love it that you calm down if you're hungry and I call out to you, love when you let out your little contented sigh when you're full, or curl up on my chest to fall asleep.

I love you Eliot, my little Eli, my little bug. Forgive your mama for all the sap....she's new at this.