Monday, July 26, 2010

The strangest things!

So motherhood has made some strange things happen for me....
  • I have broken 4 cups, 1 bowl, and 1 coffee mug (filled with the last bit of ice cream in the house - sigh) since bringing Eliot home. We had to go buy more cups, unfortunately the bowl and coffee mug are discontinued. I haven't broken that many dishes since we got them at our wedding 5 years ago. Being one-handed is not my style.
  • I am constantly covered in some sort of baby fluid. Mother nature really counts on the cuteness factor to overcome the ick factor of these really gross babies.
  • I put the butter in the freezer after making toast and laughed at Chris for putting the butter in the freezer. It was me.
  • It seems like all I eat, and all I have time to eat, is toast.
  • I must always remember to at least glance in a mirror before leaving the house. I've left with a giant gob of peanut butter on my face (from toast), and a giant smear of charcoal from some wood fired pizza that my lovely friends brought for me. Both times I have had conversations with people while looking like a hot mess.
  • I'm nursing. I'm so worried I'm going to forget and walk outside without my shirt completely done up. This is not far out of the realm of possibilities because it feels like I'm constantly feeding him and therefore constantly have my shirt undone.
  • The cat started chewing on my shoes since we brought the baby home. Now I also have to remember to put them in the closet. Sadly, my favorite sandals have cat bite marks all over them because I'm so used to just walking in the door and taking off my shoes.

I'm sure I'll get a routine going...for now, on with the strangeness!

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