Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nothing better to do

Look! What's this? No way!!! A picture from Italy? I finally chose one from the 1500+ pictures we took. This is Venice...we had a nice irish couple take our picture for is actually one of the fakest looking backdrops...which is the amazing thing about Venice, it's what the backdrops are trying to be. It is what all the faux finishing yearns to accomplish. Right after this picture, we were splashed by a wave. We were snowed in this weekend. We don't have a's the only option we had.
Check it out. There's a real baby in there that must really be growing. That or I had too many christmas cookies. I know my vote. This is weeks 8-16. It's interesting to me that some of them look bigger the week before than the week after.
One thing I forgot to mention in my weekly update....the anger. I was so angry last week and I couldn't figure out why. I wanted to chop someones head off and Chris sure did try to keep getting in the way of my axe. So what did I do? I went to dr google. I googled "pregnancy and anger". Pretty funny, right? So I was reading, having mood swings is normal, no matter what they are, but there was a particular website that really hit home. I don't know many women who like gaining weight, and it's been coming on fast for me and it's not something I'm used to. This website said that many women may get frustrated at all the things they can't do anymore, that their bodies have been somewhat hijacked. I am definitely feeling that, working out is so different than it was before I got pregnant. I huff and puff, my hips hurt, my ligaments hurt, and I am just supposed to go easy. I haven't been able to run for a couple of weeks, I've done a lot more walking and just more basic activity and I'm used to SWEATING. I love to work out hard, it really helps me mentally and helps regulate my moods, which is something I need help with. I miss it, and it's something I can't wait to get back. So this website said to remember:
You are your baby's shelter, his home, and his life. Be proud of what you're accomplishing. It is amazing.
The anger disappeared, I have goosebumps just thinking about that past sentence. I am humbled, amazed, and overwhelmed that this little life is growing inside me. That I can house something so precious and give it life. It's beyond my comprehension. My body is working hard in a new way...I'll sacrifice what I need to for now.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sweet 16!

So they say there's this thing called pregnancy brain. It makes you do stupid things and forget normal things. I'm sure I have it...after forgetting to update this thing last week, microwaving nothing in the microwave, and turning on the dishwasher right before I needed to take a shower, I now know that this baby is part zombie and is eating my brainz.

So this is a two week update! Lucky you! I at least have some pictures this time though. So, the week before last, that would be week 15...not much happened actually! At least I didn't sit here and blather on about nothing. Like now. The biggest thing that did happen is that my brothers girlfriend left for Iowa to take 2 years of nursing school. This girl is awesome and also a saint. Look at that, she can put up with my entire family and still smile. I think she's a keeper (HINT HINT BRIAN).

Yes, my dog is part of our family.

This last week? Pretty good. I have had these slight morning and evening bouts of nausea, but nothing that I can't handle...not something I wanted to be a pro at, but look at me! I can handle constant nausea and still smile too! This week was a bit more eventful. My friend Kathryn had her baby, Wyatt. One of the cutest newborns I've ever seen. It was also Christmas! We are so very lucky to have the family we do. Not only are they helping us out immensely with all the stuff we have to buy for the baby, but they are going to help us with childcare and are just a great general sounding board. We are so blessed, and this kid is going to have a great support system. I got a whole bunch of dr seuss books for the speck - I've been reading to him all ready. Don't you love dr seuss? Chris and I have begun speaking in rhyme. I'm sure this only gets worse. We got some baby clothes for Christmas and both Chris and I talked later and both had the thought that holy crap people, aren't you a little early with all this baby stuff? But no...I am now down to 5 months left. 5 months!!! So I am now very concerned about getting the nursery done, which I have very little to do with considering my abilities (Oh, the things you can't do when you're pregnant...innumerable).

It snowed like crazy here this week. 15 inches or so in 3 days. I heard snowpocalypse, snowmaggedon, the great white death. Really, they talk it up like we've never seen snow before. It was kind of crappy driving, but it was a very white Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five and Dime

December 11th, 2009 - five years married, 10 years with Chris and 14 weeks pregnant with the speck. There's something special about the number five, five fingers on each hand or foot, 10 fingers and toes total. We'll be counting someone's fingers and toes soon. We celebrated with a trip to Italy (which I still mean to write an update about) in October. I can't believe I've been married as long as we dated...time has begun accelerating at an amazing pace. I never imagined I'd be here when I started dating Chris...not that I thought it wouldn't last, but I just didn't think this far ahead. I love Chris more every year and have never been so comfortable with anyone. I'm so glad I found you and I'm so glad we made it here.
For our actual anniversary we went to a place called Ngon Vietnamese Bistro (and no, I don't know how to pronounce that). It's an organic vietnamese bistro and it was REALLY GOOD. I had steak and potatoes (yea, at a vietnamese restaurant, but whatever, they offered it) and Chris had the duck. For dessert? Ginger creme brulee. Yum. It was a nice low-key evening.
We have almost completely finished our xmas shopping and I am so excited about some of the gifts we've gotten people!! I love xmas, and I love getting people gifts they enjoy. It's one of the best feelings!
So this week? It's been good. I'm feeling so much better and have had quite a bit more energy. I still have moments, especially if I don't eat, but it's overall much better. Nothing too exciting to report this past week, I'm looking forward to feeling the baby move and we've been trying to plan what we need to do with the nursery, the basement, and what we're going to need for the speck. There's a lot of research to do, but Chris seems to think we'll get there.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Foot in Mouth

Remember how I said how much better I was feeling? Stupid Stupid Stupid. I have made the pregnancy gods angry.

10 minutes dry-heaving in the bathroom this morning. Thank you very much second trimester.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

On Hoarding

Chris and I cleaned out the soon to be nursery a couple of weeks ago. There was quite a bit of weird stuff in the closet saved from previous apartments or wherever that we finally just decided to get rid of. Everyone has spots like these, full of stuff you're not using but is too "precious" to throw away.
We are fairly neat people. We barely ever have clutter, and when we do it drives one of us nuts and we'll put it away.
So. Have you seen the show Hoarders? It's on A&E (I think) and I love it. Well, more specifically I love to watch Chris watch it. The premise of the show is that there are these people who basically have this last chance to unclutter their house. And these are not just normal messy houses, they are not even 3 college boys sharing a house bad. These are serious mental problems hoarders. They do NOT want to get rid of the stuff. We watched one where the guy could only use 1 room and a path in his house, and they tried to get him to throw away some magazines sitting on the stairs. He insisted he had to go through every one first to make sure there wasn't anything important in there he wanted to keep. Seriously. Talk about can't see the forest for the trees. Chris watching this show is the best entertainment ever. He starts to itch, says he has to leave, comes back to watch more of the show, throws curses at the people, identifies things he needs to throw away, and then finally takes a cleanse himself. It's like the 7 stages of grief or something. Only there's 6.
So yes, 13 weeks this week! I'm feeling a ton better, although not perfect, but it's definitely something to celebrate. We had our early u/s scan and it went really well. We got to see the baby flipping and moving and generally acting like a little acrobat. It was the most amazing thing we've ever seen. I can't believe I can't feel all that movement in there, and I can't wait until I can. They said they're 90% sure it's a boy, and we are so excited. A son. Wow. It made it just that much more real to me to give the baby a gender...of course we're waiting until the January 12th to find out for sure if it is a boy, but I think we're going to have a little boy. 2010...if everything goes right, the year of my sons birth. It's gonna be great.
Oh baby, whatever you are, I love you so much. You are so very wanted and I hope that your dad and I can raise you right and instill in you all the values that are important to us. I can't wait to meet you and show you the world. You're going to love it kid!
I've moved on to more maternity pants now. They're nice, but still a little big on me. My belly is noticeable only if you knew me from before. To most people I just look like I have a bit of a belly. My cravings have subsided quite a bit. I still love milk and ice cream, but I don't NEED it like I did before. My energy is soaring. I went running the other day almost all the way around the lake and I've been staying up past 9. It feels great. We're doing great.