Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sweet 16!

So they say there's this thing called pregnancy brain. It makes you do stupid things and forget normal things. I'm sure I have it...after forgetting to update this thing last week, microwaving nothing in the microwave, and turning on the dishwasher right before I needed to take a shower, I now know that this baby is part zombie and is eating my brainz.

So this is a two week update! Lucky you! I at least have some pictures this time though. So, the week before last, that would be week 15...not much happened actually! At least I didn't sit here and blather on about nothing. Like now. The biggest thing that did happen is that my brothers girlfriend left for Iowa to take 2 years of nursing school. This girl is awesome and also a saint. Look at that, she can put up with my entire family and still smile. I think she's a keeper (HINT HINT BRIAN).

Yes, my dog is part of our family.

This last week? Pretty good. I have had these slight morning and evening bouts of nausea, but nothing that I can't handle...not something I wanted to be a pro at, but look at me! I can handle constant nausea and still smile too! This week was a bit more eventful. My friend Kathryn had her baby, Wyatt. One of the cutest newborns I've ever seen. It was also Christmas! We are so very lucky to have the family we do. Not only are they helping us out immensely with all the stuff we have to buy for the baby, but they are going to help us with childcare and are just a great general sounding board. We are so blessed, and this kid is going to have a great support system. I got a whole bunch of dr seuss books for the speck - I've been reading to him all ready. Don't you love dr seuss? Chris and I have begun speaking in rhyme. I'm sure this only gets worse. We got some baby clothes for Christmas and both Chris and I talked later and both had the thought that holy crap people, aren't you a little early with all this baby stuff? But no...I am now down to 5 months left. 5 months!!! So I am now very concerned about getting the nursery done, which I have very little to do with considering my abilities (Oh, the things you can't do when you're pregnant...innumerable).

It snowed like crazy here this week. 15 inches or so in 3 days. I heard snowpocalypse, snowmaggedon, the great white death. Really, they talk it up like we've never seen snow before. It was kind of crappy driving, but it was a very white Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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