Monday, July 8, 2013

Malcolm is 5 months old!

Or was, I guess. It finally happened. I became too busy to update these on time. Two kids is kicking my butt logistically.

I did take his 5 month pictures on time. Just haven't had a chance to write here.

Enough about me though!

Malcolm, you have become our happy little guy. You love to bounce, smile, and giggle. You are barely ever fussy and you love to watch your brother and cousin play. We bore you a bit because you're much more content when your brother is flying around with his antics. Eliot is so good with you too, and you love any attention from him. You look for him all the time, it is so cool to see your relationship grow. You still love baths, outside, getting your diaper changed (seriously!), and now you've started sucking on the pointer and index finger on your right hand fairly consistently.

 I know we started Eliot on solid foods about this time, and you are totally acting ready, but I'm just not. See above about logistics. Solid food just adds this whole other component to getting ready that I'm not about to handle yet. You get to wait a couple more weeks, until I've wrapped my head around the fact that you're going to be a half a year old. I love you so much, Malcolm. I'm not sure what we did without you. You fit so perfectly into our family and we're having so much fun seeing your personality come out!

  At the beach and a famous smile
Party time

Big Buddha cheeks

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