Monday, November 16, 2009

10 weeks - keeping up!

So so exciting. Heard the heartbeat on a doppler at last Fridays appointment. My midwife had some kleenex out to wipe off my stomach afterwards and had to hand me some to use for my eyes. It was amazing. Still up and down sickness and tiredness wise, but a little more up than down over the last week, so hopefully I'm feeling better! I bought a bella band this week - which is basically a giant tube top that holds up your you can secretly unbutton them and not have to buy new pants. You gotta spend money to save money.

Not much else new to report. My 30th birthday is coming up on Wednesday - WEDNESDAY! As Chris says, you're gonna be old. I thought this birthday would really bother me, and it is going to be really weird to say "I'm 30", but I'm ok with it. These are going to be exciting years, and I always think you need to enjoy where you are, and not worry about trying to be younger. So Happy Birthday to me! I can't wait for cake.

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