Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where Else Can I Brag?

I know it's not cool to brag too much about your kid, but I am so impressed my 20 month old can count to 10! It's not 100% reliable, but he does it about 75% of the time!! Ok, so since I know almost nothing about child development maybe he's way behind, but I am freaking impressed if you can't tell by all my exclamation points!! (!!!)

I'm also depressed by the fact that I used the phrase "he'll be 2 in June" instead of "he's 20 months" the other day. Where the heck did this last year go? Why has time suddenly accelerated? Is science looking into this phenomenon?

So, that other news. We're house hunting! We have decided to rent out our current house and buy another one. We listed our current place on craigslist and people were tripping all over themselves to rent it, we literally had 3 people ready to apply for the lease and had to cancel on a dozen more. So we did what any good business person would do, we didn't rent it to any of them. Ha. We're actually going to put it back up in a couple of weeks for $100 more/month. I am confident we'll be able to rent the place one way or another. Which is awesome, because I am so excited to move. Well, not excited to actually do the moving part, but to be in a space that is more suited to our needs. I'm drooling over kitchens and yards and bathrooms, while Chris is drooling over garages and sheds. We're aiming to have it all...

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  1. Very impressive Mr.E! Your buddy here in Canada counts to ten 0% of the time, it's usually 1,2,3,5,6,10 :)

    I have also started to refer to my E's age that way as well. Totally depressing!

    Good luck with the rental and the house hunt!