Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So Angry I'm Shaking

I don't usually post much controversial on here. But I read Balancing Jane's piece last night and I'm so upset about it. I think a lot of it is what I recently went through with discovering that my baby was no longer alive but still inside of me. I know that what he's saying would not have affected my exact situation, but it could've in a few short weeks. I don't know if you really know how that feels until you've been there. It's traumatizing. Does anyone tell the cow that its' calf isn't going to survive? Does the cow get a choice? Does it have to sit and think about the fact that it's baby either isn't alive or will die within hours of its first breath? Sir, you do not know how terrible and awful that choice is to make, and how personal. I am so humbled by those who have had to make a choice. So humbled by their strength that I am intimidated to even post a comment on their blog. When I first found out my baby was gone I thought I could wait for things to happen naturally....I made it 4 days and I about lost my mind. It was my choice though. It scares me that people want to take those choices away.

Also, it doesn't bother me when someone compares people to animals. I feel that we do a lot of the same things and feel a lot of the same things. I was a vegetarian for over 15 years, I respect animals. But as Balancing Jane pointed out, he compared just womens reproductive issues to animals and to playing god. What about cancer? What about drugs? What about the entire medical establishment? SERIOUSLY! Why is it just women?!

In short - hands off Mr. England. Rant over.

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