Friday, February 24, 2012

Vacation Update - We're Back

I know, I've been absent posting for a while. It's been crazy. Work has been crazy, life has been crazy, I've been working at getting my head back on straight, and one tiny little person takes up an inordinately large portion of my time. I know, Eliot turned 19 and 20 months old without a peep from me about it. I think I'm kind of done with monthly updates other than I would like to make it a goal to post at least once a month. He's bigger better and sassier than ever.

In fun-ner news we went on vacation! To Florida! Want to see pictures? Of course you do:

 There was an alligator in the pond by our hotel. Turtles attack alligators! Did you know that?

 See how brave we are? Standing over the alligator pond with our only son?

 We taught our brilliant son to play life-sized chess. He just wanted to move the horses.
 We saw dolphins at SeaWorld! He loved them - made dolphin noises for hours.

 We had to make friends with all the metal animal sculptures.
 And then he overdid it.
 We went to visit family and the ocean. It was unfortunately a cold, blustery day and we only stayed for about 2 minutes. It was also unfortunate that this is the only picture I got of me with the family I haven't seen in probably 11 years. They were so nice and hospitable and an absolutely adorable family - I'm glad I'm related!
 Eliot didn't really get the ocean.
 Can you feel the expansiveness of it though? It feels so cool - I love edges, ends, beginnings, the promise of new things ahead.
 Look at this brave little guy! I thought he wouldn't really be into rides or anything when we went to Busch Gardens.
 Despite what his face looks like here he is repeating "Whee" over and over again.
 Another surprise since he's usually so shy - he loved the characters! Went right up and high-fived them.

 What a way to travel. I'm jealous.
 Elephants are a favorite.
 We are on a train here. Notice his hands nicely folded. That is his having fun face. Just believe me, he had a total meltdown when we had to get off.
 Notice my hands - so he is paying attention.
 I would have to say his favorite part was chasing the almost tamed birds though.

 Mom's relaxing time - kindle and an iced tea on the condo porch after an outdoor morning run. Ah, heaven.
 Swimming outside in February - so cool. Other than the whole alligator, deadly snakes, and ridiculous summer heat Florida is sounding mighty tempting. And is this not the most hilarious little wet suit?
Then we came home. And he started doing this (all by himself). Oh my goodness, you are more your mother's child than you realize little boy. You play just like I did.

So that's it for now! There's other things I need to write down here, like we've decided what we're doing with our house and it involves hopefully moving this summer. Exciting stuff - but more on everything else later.

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