Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The good stuff

So my itchy feet...are just that. Itchy feet. Celebrate!! I also got news that my request to go part time at work has been accepted. Yesterday was a good day.

So I got a prenatal massage this weekend. It was awesome. They have a special pillow so you can lay on your stomach…and it’s been MONTHS since I’ve laid on my stomach. Felt great. But the little guy was going absolutely nuts the whole time, and he’d been really crazy the night before, woke me up 2 times he was flipping around so much, I started rubbing my stomach to try and calm him down. The masseuse said she was watching my belly move when they had me on my back. I couldn’t figure out what was going on that he had become so crazy, then my mom brought up food, and we had Indian food for probably only the second time this pregnancy the night before. I’m not sure if he loved it or hated it, but I definitely know how to get him going now! I’ve heard that babies will gravitate towards the foods you eat. I'm trying to be pretty varied in my diet...maybe more Indian food is in order.

We also started decorating the nursery! It looks awesome and needs pictures to do it justice. Not quite done, but almost.

Sunday Chris painted the living room. It's the only room in the house that we haven't painted yet. It was supposed to be a gray/brown, and has come out rather gray/blue/purple. It's a gorgeous color, but not exactly right for our pictures...we may have some retooling to do. I love gray - and I'm so happy to finally have a gray room. I hope to put up a couple newborn pics of the babe in there. I'm sure they will go with anything.

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