Sunday, March 7, 2010

26 Weeks

PICTURES! PICTURES! PICTURES!!! I know you know better than to expect order and sense out of me, so I will explain.
Here is where Chris proves he loves me on Valentines Day by grilling outside. Can you see his breath? This is good stuff.

Look at all the cute little clothes hanging up in there!!! Get out here baby so I can nibble on your knees! This is the nursery, with the old carpet ripped out. I hope you weren't expecting finished nursery pictures. They're not on the camera and this 1200 square foot house is just way to big for me to go down and take some now.

I wish that I could have experienced the joy that was this room before we painted the wood paneling. All it needs is a disco ball...look at all that powder on the floor? It's like we're halfway there already. Thank god for new carpet.

Oh! It gets better...and can you see around the stairs? Yes, they had the walls painted bright yellow at one time. And yes, that is a SHINY green paint on those stairs. There was an interior decorator living here for SHUR!

Yup, me. I'm beginning to hate these pictures. 17 weeks here.

18 weeks with a puppy foot warmer. We take the pictures on top of his bed. I guess he didn't feel like moving this time.

Now, here is 19 weeks. I would like to explain that sometimes, during pregnancy, it's been said that some women deal with things like constipation. So yes, this is a food baby. See week 20 for proof.
Where'd it go? Week 20.

Week 21...working our way back out.

22....yea. Looking a bit like a grey blob here. Big motivation to never wear this outfit again.

Hello week 23! I think I've officially popped.

Yup, no food baby. Week 24

Week 25. See how happy I am?
Wait until you see my new week 26 haircut! Hell, I'll probably have pictures of the baby up here before you see week 26 knowing me! You'll just have to die from suspense.
Saying that I only have 14 weeks left sounds incredibly short. I want to be sure we're ready for the little man once he arrives! Nothing incredibly exciting or new happened this week baby-wise. He's still active as ever and he's still growing...I can tell because I'm still growing. Girl scout cookies may have fueled both of our growths a bit in the last 2 weeks. I've become more awkward and it's getting hard to bend over, or reach my feet, or walk too far. I tend to get really sore about 2 miles into a walk, which sucks because all the lakes are about 3 miles around. I've missed yoga the last two weeks in a row because I keep sleeping through it...I hate the thought of setting my alarm on a Sunday. yoga lately. I'll go back though. Yesterday, we went for a 3 mile walk, then went to Ikea, Home Depot and Target. I was dying after Ikea...hell, I was dying after the walk. It sucks that I feel so sore so soon, and I'm not used to not being able to do what I want. I remember mornings where I would run 10 miles, take the dog for a walk, and go to all those stores and still have energy to go out that night. Yesterday? I was almost asleep at 5 pm my body was so tired. So yea, I'm still learning to work within my limits. It's not easy when they're constantly changing.

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