Monday, March 1, 2010

25 weeks

I pee. A lot. But thankfully it is not related to gestational diabetes! I passed with flying colors. They also tested my iron levels, and they are awesome. This may have something to do with the fact that chicken is on my don't want to eat list, so we eat a lot of red meat. Let's hope they don't want to check my cholesterol levels. I am very impressed with how healthy I've been this pregnancy. My blood pressure is better than its ever been every time I go in for an appointment. I haven't had a cold all year, or the flu. Knock on wood but other than being awkward and slightly uncomfortable, this is probably the best I've felt during a winter for a few years. I hate to even write could all turn around tomorrow.
The nursery is coming together. We bought a poster from England for the room (we're importing things for this kid, he's spoiled already). And I've got ideas for the rest of the decorations. It's going to be kind of random, but definitely cute. Kind of like the rest of my life.
It's warming up outside! I always try not to get my hopes up this time of year, because it fools you with a couple of 40 degree days, and then it either drops back to negative digits or snows 2 feet. But we're closer to warm weather...I'm so ready to open the windows! That is the worst part of winter to fresh air in the house. I love to have all the windows thrown open. Hopefully once the baby gets here the weather will be nice enough for open windows every day.
Yup, I am still too lazy to get off the couch and download the pictures. I'm so tired lately again. Maybe Chris will help me one day...

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