Saturday, February 28, 2009

A long week

This week has been so busy! I worked a ton to get a project done by Friday only to find out on Thursday we were going to be given a two week extension. Which is awesome, because Thursday night would've really sucked. Unfortunately I'm sick now. I woke up yesterday morning feeling like someone had scraped my sinus cavity with a spoon and that feeling has not gone away yet. Your body has ways of telling you to slow down.

The worst thing about working that much is the parts of your life that fall to the wayside. Like working out, and eating right. All you can do is get through a day of work, eat, and hopefully get enough sleep. My brain was just fried at the end of each day. One night I came home and tried to hang up my coat in the bathroom. Thursday afternoon I walked into the mens bathroom. Thank god nobody was in there, because the urinal is right next to the door. Being a girl, you never think about how little privacy men have when they're going to the bathroom. Although standing up to pee would be awesome sometimes (which we can now do thanks to "Go Girl") I'm glad I at least get a wall between me and the next girl.

In cat news, Traxx continues to gain weight from his drugs. He looks really good now, although we have definitely noticed a personality change. He's a lot calmer abd he sleeps a lot more. Enough more that he's been allowed to sleep in our bed this week and he hasn't bothered us at all! In general he's just a lot more cat-like. I miss my crazy cat sometimes, but he's healthier, and that is what's important.
"The Drug Den"

I've been asked for some more controversial topics. The car company bailouts? Truthfully I don't know the answer to that question. I do know, from personal experience, that the car company's treat their employees amazingly well. Perhaps too amazingly well. When the Ford Plant announced their shut down here, Chris was able to walk away with a full ride to school for 2 years (he could've had 4 if he had so chosen), along with benefits and 70% of his salary. Those two years were up this past month and Ford sent him a check for $900 because they didn't pay out as much as if he would've taken another option. Seriously, is there any other company that you can go to, with no education, and they'll take care of you like that. It's a wonderful and terrible thing all at the same time. The medical benefits we had through Ford were amazing. I had to pay for nothing, basically ever. You can see where the waste came from. And the waste wasn't only through compensation. As always, if a safety net is inplace, people will try and abuse the system. The UAW was an amazing safety net, you could almost not be fired. So there were people who took advantage of that and would freeload on Ford. I think the same thing happens in government. I think it's sad that these jobs will most likely not be available anymore with the same benefits. It's a great thing, and with almost all companys moving to 401K's versus pensions, the burden of retirement and taking care of yourself will fall solely on the employee. Considering what the stock market did to my 401K last month, I'm not sure this is the greatest thing. But we're competing in a global economy and we have to adjust to global markets in order to be competitive, there's really not much choice. Unfortunately I think that the auto bailouts will need to come with a huge restructuring of the auto industry. The elimination of waste and more maintainable salarys and benefits in order to compete globally.

So that's all folks. From mens bathrooms to drugged up cats to my view on world economics. I'm off to enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Seriously, what is up with our pets?! It's like they had a meeting and decided to all be sick and rack up vet bills at the same time!!
    Hope we can get together soon!! :)