Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daily Daly

So it's only been about a month, and I think all of my posts contain animal drama. Yes I live in a menagerie/zoo but ilovethefurrylittlethingskthanx!

Daly went to the vet today, and not just any vet, he gets the University of MN veterinary medical specialists. Where University specialists = empty pocketbook. So yea, Chris, about that new tv? Totally not happening.

The poor guy has a front leg limp that's been getting worse and worse over the past month or two. He's always ready to go, but this limp is just breaking my heart. Many dollars later, we've narrowed it down to 2 tendons. They need to cut one of them, and choose the right tendon, or else he's going to have some major trouble. So we spend today testing, trying to figure out which one it is...which, surprise! We still don't know. There will be results tomorrow and will hopefully give us something more conclusive. Either way it's more money and more time at the vet.The funniest thing was that they had to drug him and miscalculated the dose. This dog is feeling no pain....poor guy can't even move his back end. It's pretty pathetic to see a puppy like that!! Right now he's sleeping it off.

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