Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All the love in the world

Although I think valentine's day is a rather silly holiday, I like an excuse to go out. We've gotten all old and static so we need an excuse to not fall asleep on the couch at 9:30 on a Saturday night. We went to Spoonriver, near the Guthrie. It was full of pretentious ex-raver waiters who were not interested in waiting at all. The menu promised an aphrodisiac, which I didn't receive (sorry Chris, the waiter hates you and doesn't want you to make babies). During dinner we kept watching the other servers walk by with the dessert tray. I love the dessert tray, it's so much easier to pick a real dessert than an idea of a dessert! But alas, the server left the dessert tray sitting on the counter, unused while he told us which desserts were available. So we left without dessert, deciding we could go to Sebastian Joe's ice cream and relive our wild and crazy youth. (Ice cream in the winter you say? Why, yes, we are rebels!).

Before we left downtown we stopped in the Guthrie:

Oooohhh, look, fuzzy cell phone pictures. This blog is CLASSY!

We went and ate our ice cream, sharing our flavors with each other, and trying to ignore the woman sobbing in the corner (Valentine's day snub??).

We made our way over to Mortimer's, our old hangout. Seriously, that is our "Cheers" bar, where everyone knew our name (and for a time, knew us by our drinks....hello gin and tonic girl!). They've forgotten us by now, but the same dirt, popcorn, and darts were still there. Chris really knows how to wine and dine a girl (but it's more like beer and popcorn a girl). I really do love that man.

Next year we're going to do the "tour de uptown" and go to Khindo's for dinner as well. Turns out we're not fancy at all.

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