Thursday, February 28, 2013

One month

The Bear! He is back!!
  Malcolm newborn.
Chilling on the bear - Malcolm One month.
Seems like I'm always putting platitudes out there like WHERE DID THE TIME GO? SUNRISE, SUNSET EVERYONE! But seriously....months are too freaking short.

I'm not sure my heart can handle all the love around here. I am literally exploding. 

Or the adorable, chewable cheeks. Seriously people. CHEEKS!

Malcolm met his great grandparents - 19th great grandchild! He's the 15th boy, only 4 girls in the entire 19!

Eliot teaching Malcolm how to use the play gym.
Malcolm spends a lot of time giving people this look:

Eliot is telling him, "Hey, Malcolm, you have two eyes and I'm you're big brother. Hey, hey, hey!" (Eliot is super into the fact we all have 2 eyes lately).

And he is beautiful. So very, very beautiful.
This month has been amazing little Malcolm. Your nickname is peanut head, peanut for short, or buddy. For the much smaller head you have than your brother. Even though according to the doctor your head is perfectly average sized - it just looks small to us. You were jaundiced for a few weeks, but nothing treatable, just watched. It was awful to bring you in to get your heel poked though. You screamed and screamed and my heart and hormones could barely take it. You love to eat, sleep, stare at picture frames, and your bouncy seat. You really don't care for the swing and hate your car seat. You and your dad get along great and you are interested in Eliot when he can sit still long enough for you to find him. It's rare, you'll get faster little Malcolm. I sometimes find myself feeling guilty for you being the second child. You get less one on one time, I don't read you a book every morning like I did for Eliot, I don't have quite as much time to stare into your eyes and just sit with you, although I take those moments when I can. Sometimes you cry a little longer than I would like because I have to split my time between the two of you and I can't leave Eliot mid-diaper change or something. But you have more in other ways. You have parents who are more comfortable parenting. We're more relaxed with you. You have a brother who, in the coming months and years, will be much more exciting and amusing to you than we can ever be. You have a cousin who isn't that far apart in age with you and I hope you three will all be great friends. So there's less and more. Mostly more of the things that count though. We love you little peanut head. Happy one month birthday. 

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