Monday, October 15, 2012

Putting Yourself Out There

Today we went to the park. Another family with three children came up and Eliot said to the boy closest to his age, "Hello friend." The little boy, who looked about a year older than Eliot, kept running, and Eliot tried to keep up. Eliot ran to the top of the playground and yelled, "Hello, Eliot!" He's working on the "I'm." Whenever he caught up with them he'd tell them about trains and choo-choos and how he was a conductor. They didn't really have anything to say back. The boys were going down the biggest slide. Eliot almost went down too, but backed out right beforehand. I finally had to grab him and tell him it was time to leave and eat lunch. He didn't want to go. "Where's my friend?" he asked. We stopped to pick up our sand toys on the way out and the little boy he called his friend came over and helped. "Thanks friend, bye-bye," said Eliot.

Oh. My sweet boy.

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