Monday, October 8, 2012

A sort of summer recap

I think I just want to post some pictures here, recap what's happened this summer. I wish I had more time to post this summer but with the new house and the pregnancy and the rental and the heat...the awful ridiculous heat...and this stupid broken computer it hasn't gone well. Here's some of my favorite things I missed posting about in picture form from this summer.

Spinning in the back yard with Dad. Again and again!

Dad's new remote control toy.

From the front!

My nephew - check out those baby blues!

We spent almost every evening at the water table. Water saved this summer. These two boys are becoming such good friends - I'm jealous of all the fun they'll having in the next few years. Cousins are awesome.

At the "Choo-choo" park. Eliot spends every trip screaming "All Aboard" at the top of his lungs. It's cute to me, but a little loud to some of the kids.

The Children's Museum is so much fun now!

We love any and every park.

We made it up to the cabin a few times too. It's incredible how long these boys can play in the water! The cabin is the first time Eliot has ever skipped his nap. He's also a bit of a mess by the end of the day.

Chris had a busy summer clearing this area of rocks. I'm kind of sad that we don't have a finished product picture - it looks so nice now, I'll share soon!

A birthday party was a big hit. Matchbox cars are now a favorite. So many boys....

We went to a wedding and Eliot danced for hours.

Grandma's visiting.

One absolutely incredible sunrise off our deck...

The best end of summer haircut ever!

Hanging out and goofing off is always a favorite.

We went to the fair - Eliot's second - and he started the morning by eating an entire corn dog. Then donuts and a little bit of my raspberry malt. Eliot is a natural fair and food lover.

This is the luminarium at the fair - definitely worth the money. It was supposed to be rather zen-like but we missed that part with a 2 year old...and probably ruined it for others. But it was very cool.

Eliot loves curious george.

My mom is so great with these boys. She never complains about how exhausted they must make her.

Discovering more local parks. I played here when I was little. Full circle and all that jazz.

After a day at the zoo, falling asleep in our arms on the way back to the car. It must be great to sleep that hard.

Eliot and I went camping with a group of ladies and their kids. It went ok...would have went better if both of us hadn't been sick.
Fall came - and is almost gone already. Piles of leaves are awesome fun though.

Can't you tell we're at the apple orchard here?! We are. It was so hot - 80+ degrees - I've never picked apples in shorts and t-shirts. It was fun though. Great end to a great summer. To think that next year there will be two little guys to share it with!

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