Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a boy!

Most defintely a boy!
I feel guilty - I actually found out this baby was a boy last Monday but really just haven't had the time to post.
Part of the problem is that I am constantly on my Kindle Fire now and barely ever bother to start the computer because....well...why bother?
How freaking adorable is this picture? I know only mothers love these but I want to kiss that nose already!!
But! Baby! So cute! And perfectly healthy according to the ultrasound. I don't know if this little guy realizes the money he has saved me in clothing! It just keeps getting recycled...although I really can't help myself and have already bought him 4 new outfits. Because of sales, and cuteness and oh my god look at how tiny these little outfits are!!! I forgot how small people start out (well, maybe not the people I make...ahem 9 lb 5 oz Eliot).
The baby is looking right at you in this picture. His head is facing towards the left of the screen. Isn't he handsome?!
So we are so excited to meet you little baby. Eliot doesn't know how amazing and important you will be forever and forever in his life, and you have ready-made entertainment! Just wait until you see how hilarious your big brother is! He sure makes me laugh. I can't wait to see your personality, your looks, who the heck are YOU!?! It's crazy, all I can picture is Eliot, but I know you're you. And I want to hold you and meet you and learn all about you.
You've been kicking away lately, letting me know you're safe and sound...and maybe a little pissed off when I eat Indian food. Forgive me for the spice - it's SO GOOD!

In regards to this pregnancy? I'm feeling ok. Sick this week but I've been lower energy in general this time around. Chris painted the nursery this weekend, and we have been furiously looking at names. Boys names are so hard you guys! I think we finally have a couple we like though. I hope.

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