Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween! Plus!

My nephew, who I swear was just born yesterday, turned one last week. There was a party - with Eliot's favorite - pizza and cake. 

I think this is one of my favorite pictures ever - happy birthday. Get me out of here.

Oh, you got me cake? Never mind. I will stay.

Then Halloween happened, and we had the sassiest little raccoon you've ever seen. There's a long story behind this costume, but mostly I felt like a bad parent because when we were ready to buy him a costume we tried to get his input. Asked him, took him to a store and showed him costumes, and he had absolutely no opinion. So great, I dress him in the funniest thing I can think of. Then a week before Halloween he wants to be a train. Or a car. Sorry kid, next year speak early and often.

He didn't seem to mind after all. Once we were outside he kept telling the neighbor girl he was a monster raccoon. He was happy.

This picture? Part of the inside joke. Chris isn't really going to hit our child with a shovel.

And Trenton was the cutest pumpkin ever. He looked very unsure of the whole thing too

Eliot loved trick or treating though. He would run up to each house, try and press the doorbell himself and loved the fact that people put something in his bag at each house. I thought he would be done after one and just want to eat the candy. Nope. Once we told him there were more he kept saying lets go get more! We went around my parents cul-de-sac and could've done more...but he seemed happy. Definitely a fun year, and here come the holidays. I'm so excited!

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