Monday, December 19, 2011

1.5 years

So I guess we reached one and a half yesterday! Crazy. I really feel like I don't have much to say this month to cover the last two months. I'll just illustrate what I can in pictures.

These pictures are getting harder to catch. See how big? 21 lbs 13 oz, 2 ft, 6 in. Maybe just big to me! 

Right after this picture he put the bear on the ground and proceeded to kick it repeatedly. He may be trying to tell me something. 

Fall came and went. It snowed for a while but now it's brown again.  

We've been figuring out things to do to keep us busy when it's cold. The Children's Museum was a huge hit! 

Family time is always fun too. Eliot loves to hug his cousin...his cousin is not a huge fan. 

We just had time to discover leaf piles and then they were gone.... 

So! We thought we'd try snow! 

Yea, he was not impressed at all. 

Eliot loves to brush his dad's "hair." Haha, I'd laugh too Eliot. 

We bought a year membership to the zoo! Definitely a great winter activity. 

Baths are also a favorite. Is there anything better than a clean baby? 

I don't think I've taken a picture of this thing yet - we got an indoor play/ball center. I think I really bought this thing for me because I am so jealous they didn't have this when I was growing up. He loves his ball pit!

He also loves horsing around with his mama. 

We did Christmas part one with my side of the family this weekend. A little pre-xmas excitement. 

And who can resist that face?! 

Ummmm....or that one! At leasts we know where Eliot gets his good looks! 

Our family just keeps growing - it's  a lot of fun. 

Opening up presents... 

Sharing his gifts with his 2 month old cousin, Trenton. 

 Trenton is wondering if anyone is watching out for his safety.


Little bit of post-xmas overwhelmingness. 

Chris and I had our first foray into putting things together that should be simple while Eliot is sleeping but keep you up cursing Little Tikes until way past your bedtime. But the looks on his face when he got in his car...priceless. Is this mine? 
 Really mine?

Oh yea. I am so cool.

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