Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16! It's sweet!

Let's see if I can keep this post in any sort of order, you'll be able to tell by the pre and post haircut of the boy! It was getting a little raggedy (actually becoming a giant dread daily) as seen here:
 Coincidentally, these last pictures were also the day of our trip to Como Zoo. I'll give you 2 guesses what he was more interested in - animals or TRACTORS (dah-dohs)!

So, we went to get his haircut. I didn't have time to be upset myself because look at this face....
 Oh man, what torture. Then, last night I read an article about the first haircut and how they just cut off the hair they were BORN WITH and I got all verklempt. Seriously, we just cut off all the hair that grew when he was in me. SAD.

We also went to the apple orchard. This would be a yearly tradition now...you ate apples this year! YAY!

 We got you a pumpkin! Which was later stolen during our trip to Iowa. Stupid kids and their pumpkin-stealing ways. At least they had to courtesy to not smash it on our front sidewalk. I choose to believe that some family that couldn't afford a pumpkin took it. Look at this guy - so strong!

We went to a park on a Sunday morning like the heathens we are and they were handing out baloons. They were baloons from Jesus. Well they caught us, enjoying the last nice fall day Minnesota had to offer that happened to fall on a Sunday. I'm sorry that I didn't want to spend it in a church. This little heathen is totally willing to model for me as evidenced by the following pictures:

And then - you need to goof around with your dad.

Lately your favorite thing has been the swing. And kid - I had forgotten the joy of throwing my head back while I'm swinging. I agree. What an awesome feeling.

Here is where you can't hide your love of your mother's kisses.

We went to Iowa! Your first out of state excursion! 5 hours in the car each way for your Uncle Brian and Aunt Liv's wedding! You did great!! The wedding was awesome! We also did a bit of touring in Dubuque. Here we are at the top of this lift elevator built in the 1800's:
 Yes, I got into that thing with my only child. I am very trusting of old rusty buckets.
 Here's where I didn't push you off a pier! I love you!
 This is just cool. A door with a big step.
 You're a star! The next day we ate a the restaurant inside this building and you literally almost choked to death. We were all sobbing in the restaurant. We definitely know how to make a scene - don't ever scare your mom like that again!
 The biggest catfish any of us had ever seen. And finally! The haircut is highlighted! Much better minus the rats nest! Does anyone else miss the curls? I do.
 Okay, so they had a real crocodile, but it literally stalked Eliot and I while we were walking past the cage. Every move we made, it followed us. It started creeping me out so no pictures with the real crocodile. This one was much better.
 Look at these two - SO CUTE!
 Unfortunately this is the ONLY picture I took of the bride and groom. Aren't they cute though?
 Eliot was quite Tom Cruise after the wedding. He was also quite exhausted.
 Fall is definitely here (as evidenced by our pumpkins and apple picking). We've been training Eliot for trick or treating. Too bad he goes to bed at 6:30!
 I've also been scoping out all the indoor play places. This one is perfect for little guys like Eliot and it's really helped with his coordination!

 Could he look any more grown up in this picture?
We continue to wait for the arrival of my nephew, Eliot's cousin. I can't wait to meet the little guy and Eliot can't wait for another cousin close to his age! This month was so full of fun times, I say this all the time but I can't believe it keeps getting better!

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