Sunday, May 30, 2010

38 weeks

I cannot believe it's been 4 weeks since I updated this blog. You'd figure there must be good reason, right? Well, not really. Let's see....a short recap:
  • I finally got over being sick as I had reported from my last post
  • I installed the car seat in my car
  • Had said car seat inspected, we had installed it incorrectly. When being embarassed about not being able to install according to directions was told not to worry because "only an engineer could understand these directions." Embarassment worsened. Sigh.
  • Have become more and more body bound by the day. Can no longer reach feet, twist, get up off the ground unassisted, or roll over in bed without waking up and performing a series of moves which include much loud grunting. According to Chris anyways.
  • Had my family shower, it was wonderful. Once again marveled at the generosity of people. Still haven't written thank you notes.
  • Had a surprise work shower. I truly was surprised. Again with the marveling at generosity. Again with the lack of thank you notes.
  • I am uncomfortable or sore much of the time. Pregnancy has become painful (and awkward). Thankful that my family taught me to laugh at myself from an early age.
  • Completely finished buying all of our "needs" for baby, and, with my moms (and Target and the Container Store) help, finished organizing the nursery and all those adorable little baby clothes.
  • Bought and framed pictures for babys room, dining room, and living room.
  • Gratuitous waddling. Nuff said.
  • Got sick again this past Thursday. Stayed home from work Thursday and Friday (I'm sure prompting much guessing that baby is here...I wish) and spent my appointment Thursday bawling in my midwifes office. I was So. Tired. And sure that I was going to go into labor sick, which really made me doubt my abilities to try for a natural labor. Unlike the last cold, which lasted 4 weeks, I am feeling much better today. FOUR DAYS LATER! CELEBRATE!

So you see, there has been lots going on, but really, no good excuse to not be posting other than I should be writing thank you notes because I'm sure once the baby comes I won't be wanting to do that at all. I feel very ready to have this baby, and I really hope he's ready soon and I don't end up being overdue. Please come out little peanut - we are all ready to meet you!


  1. We're thinking of you! If you are really trying to go natural, I would highly recommend asking for a nurse who specifically believes in or is good with natural childbirth when you check in. With the right nurse, it should hopefully make a huge difference with your experience.

  2. That's really good to know - thanks! I will definitely ask. My midwife is supposed to stay with me the whole time too (if I want her to anyways), and they're pro-natural birth, I hope I get a good nurse though!

    I'll let you know when he's here!!