Monday, January 21, 2013

State of the Eliot

The last days as an only child and Eliot has been an angel. All energy and politeness and song and just so happy. He's busy and out of focus much of the time. These last few weeks have been out of focus for all of us as we try to wrap our head around 2 children. Eliot communicates better every day. I have entire conversations with him and he often makes me laugh. It's great except when he wasn't trying to be funny and he tells me it's not funny mama. I love him to pieces. He's still so much a baby and yet so much a little boy now. It must be hard to inhabit both worlds. I try and remind myself of that when I'm frustrated and he's frustrated and not making sense. He's mostly sunshine lately though. We are so lucky. Even when he's not perfect he's just perfect. I love you Eliot. Here comes life with a sibling...hang on!

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