Wednesday, May 18, 2011

11 months

11 months! And we're a little too near bedtime in this picture for a smile.
This is what he really thought of our picture taking.
Easter chicks.

Little break in the grass while mom was out for a run. I'm loving those eyelashes!

Helping us paint the house. He held the tape.

Hamming it up for the camera - this is our camera smile now.

This kid will seriously eat anything - lunch of pitas, hummus, and feta! YUM!
 This month brings the word exploded to mine. Your abilities have just absolutely exploded.

You say hi, wave bye, clap (tee hee - I love this one), dance to songs, sing along, squeal, and often sound like you're having a conversation. You are a ham - you smile for the camera now - so soon! You love attention, especially from girls, and flirt with everyone! If you're fussy, all we have to do is meet a new person and you turn on the charm. You give high fives regularly, you play with toy cars, roll them on the floor with the wheels down and say vroom (more like vmmmm). You eat everything we do - you get angry if we don't feed you what we're having. Sometimes you eat so much it surprises me. You always want to walk with us. You haven't really taken any steps yet unassisted, but can stand for a little while on your own, and you can walk while holding just one of our hands. You're getting so much stronger so very fast. You'll play by yourself for longer periods of time....usually if you see me you want to be walking around with me though - you play better with your dad. You're funny - you'll crack up at us and we crack up right back. We'll just sit and laugh at each other. You knocked your mouth into the table the other day - it was the first time I've seen you bleed and I'm proud of how calm I was - the first of many cuts and scrapes that childhood will bring.

One more month to go and you'll have a year under your belt. I can't believe it. Cheers to you little man, you've made this one hell of a ride so far.

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