Thursday, February 4, 2010

21 & 22!

It's been a busy couple of weeks in making a baby land! Chris has been working hard at getting the downstairs ready and I have been working hard at creating life. It doesn't get much busier than that. It's been a good couple of weeks - the baby has a fairly set kicking schedule. I've been told that this will probably be his schedule once he arrives. I think this is ok at night because he's active around 9/9:30, then not again until 3, but then again at 5:30. So hopefully I'm not sleeping through one at like midnight or something. Ready or not, we will soon find out. We've pretty much decided on a name, but we aren't telling people. We started telling people names we were tossing around and just got too many comments about them. Now it'll just be his name and that's that.
Let's see - last week I saw my belly move when he kicked and my mom got to feel him kick. I've really "popped" these last couple weeks. I know I need to put up more pictures. I'm a little afraid that I have 18 more weeks to get that much huger...ohboy. It's all in the name of a healthy baby though!
Chris has been incredibly good to me, he ran out and got me chocolate cake when I wanted it. I could marry cake right now. But Chris brings me cake so that's almost as good! Mmmmmm...cake.... Speaking of cake, that could be why I'm gaining so much damned weight. My body's all worried I'm going to starve at some point and have to feed a baby and myself - right, like that would happen. I would probably be the last person to starve. You don't want to see me hungry.
Sleeping sucks. My hips feel like they're being ripped off or something, which may be partially true. It's not comfortable at all. I have missed yoga the last 3 weeks and I'm sure that has something to do with it. MUST GO BACK TO YOGA.

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