Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Blues

Haven't had much time to update lately. This year is moving so very fast, the rhodedendrons have already begun turning red and it's dark earlier than it feels like it should be. So it goes....

Chris and I went to the fair last weekend. It was incredibly busy, as always, but we were able to stuff ourselves silly regardless. I had deep fried pickles (my favorite), stuffed olives on a stick, cinnamon roasted almonds, fresh squeezed lemonade, a nutella crepe, french fries and ice cream made with local Minnesota wine. Chris had his first pronto pup! All the art and animals and people were fun to look at. I love the fair!

Work has slowed down some. I had the shortest week I've had in a while. I'm counting down to my vacation - it's coming up in less than a month. When we started planning it, October seemed so far away. It's the same as most things I guess. I'm a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Having never left the country before, I feel like I'm leaving behind a safety net. I'm so excited to see something fresh and new though!

Chris went to his first car show with his car this weekend. It was a gorgeous day, and there were a lot of really neat old cars there. Chris' car was definitely not in the worst shape, which felt really good. Some people even came by and took pictures of the work he's done. It was fun to see everyone dressed up in their 50's style outfits too!

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