Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Malcolm at 3 Months

Is this ever flying by!
Haha. Ahem. 

At three months you are such an easy baby. You have proven to be even more laid back than your brother. Although you already look like you just want to take off! You're always kicking and trying to scoot yourself. You can roll from your back to your side, and you love standing up if I'll hold you that way. You're always trying to sit up. If you're in your car seat you strain to sit, it's pretty cute to watch. No longer will you let me hold you facing me, you face out now, or I will never hear the end of it! You love watching your brother and absolutely love your activity mat. I have to admit to having forgotten you there because you're just so quiet and happy and I get busy taking care of Eliot. We had our first nice days this month and spent a lot of them outside.

The first few times you weren't so sure of the whole outside thing with the wind that makes you gulp and the sun that makes you squint, but you do like to watch everything that's going on, especially if it's Eliot running around with his friends. You are super into your mama right now. Nobody but mama can hold you after 4 pm without you letting them know about your unhappiness. We also can't set you down after 4, you still have a bit of a fussy evening time.
I go back to work this next month, a little later than with Eliot because of daycare issues (so at 3.5 months instead of 3). I hate this transition because I know you won't understand where I went and if I'm coming back. You aren't crazy about bottles either. But you have your brother, and he loves you so much. He always wants to say hi to you, and hold you, and he already said he'd take care of you and watch out for you. I love it when he hears you crying and starts singing or says "It's ok, Malcolm." Because it is my little peanut, it will be ok.

He often gives us this lip to make us feel guilty

Serious face

Trying to get two boys to nap is a challenge

The second child has a different life - chilling while your brother plays

Working on tummy time


Got it!

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