Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not much to say this month

We've had a good month, a little on the expensive side:

as this was the view out of our front door for a day. It was almost worth the $2000 price tag - Eliot has never been so excited. It was our sewer - again. We've now had that side of the yard ripped up twice, and we got out cheap at $2000 because it wasn't done correctly 4 years ago. You live and you learn. But, we keep on smiling even when we have egg on our face.
Our house goes on the market tomorrow - TOMORROW! It's crazy. I'm nervous and excited and anxious. I'm worried it won't sell, I'm worried it will sell fast. I'm worried about emptying my bank account to get out of here. Sigh. But we're doing it!
Eliot is still not officially walking. But he is doing this
and this

and lots of this

The kid is part fish, and all about wheels. Wonder where he came from. I'm still enjoying keeping him close to me
And I think he enjoys it too. He's a mess, this guy

But we're loving every minute. Wish us luck on house selling, I know I've got my fingers crossed!

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