Friday, July 22, 2011

Mid-July recap

I just don't know how to NOT post today. I am, however, sick of labelling my post in months but I will sneak it in rightherehe's13monthsok?

This last month has been great! Stressful! Crazy! But super great! Eliot has continued to blind everyone with his cuteness. He loves to play in the water, which is great because we suddenly live in the jungle up here in Minne-snow-ta. 117 heat index today and humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife - I think this is the hottest weather I've ever seen. Wait, there was that insanely hot vacation we took to Florida 2 years ago this June. I actually walked around all day in heat like this - I think that still wins.

 His birthday party was a hit - although it rained the whole day, and he ate his cake like nobody's business. The cake eating prompted a mini-crisis in my head because I work so damn hard trying to fill this kid up with good foods and then we set an entire cake in front of him. Customs are weird. Chris got to open up his gifts, and Eliot threw a bit of a fit towards the beginning so Chris got to open up his gifts while Eliot wasn't even there. Ha! Awkward!

We had planned to stay up for fireworks for the 4th, but Eliot's grandma watched him for the day and he was so excited that he decided to forego napping for the entire day! Which meant he went to bed even earlier than usually and no fireworks for us. But that's ok. Next year he's going to love it.

We're still working on selling our house. We have 2 projects left to finish and we're ready. Early August there should be a for sale sign up in front of this beast. That is just part of the crazy that I'm feeling right now. Changes! They are a-brewing!

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