Monday, April 18, 2011

10 Months

10 monther!

Causing trouble with the bear.
Not even sure what he's done himself.

Tell me what you really think.

The boys and their hats.

Perfunctory baby in bath with a mohawk picture.


The most important men in my life. I love this picture!!!

Captain Adorable!

Look at him standing!

New Jammies.

The introduction to sand didn't go over so well.
Where did the time go?

I see you every day, and looking back I see you've changed and grown so much, but it happens so gradually before my eyes. Where is my newborn? Where is the little bug that we brought home? Your legs have straightened and stretched out, my little bug man is no more. Although there have been days where I wake up and see you and can literally see how much you've grown overnight. You're growing that fast. And every day you get a little better at the things you couldn't do the day before. You can stand a little longer, scoot a little better, eat a little bit bigger pieces of food, say new things. And I'm so very proud of you, want to tell people all the little things you do that are so cute - when you sign milk you do it upside down behind your ear, when you're really tired you start blowing raspberries over and over. Do you know how hard it is to rock a baby to sleep when they're blowing raspberries? All I want to do is giggle - and that starts you laughing! When you want to make indian wah-wah noises you do it with the back of your hand instead of the front. You've learned to click your tongue - and mimic us when we do it - and we discovered when you hear ladies in high heels on hard floors you start clicking your tongue to mimic the sound!

You still love to sit on the front steps and watch the cars go by, you crane your neck for each one. You can say hi and bye. You love to stand holding onto the couch, and can walk along getting what you want. You army crawl and roll your way to whatever you want on the floor, which is usually the remote control. You are definitely mobile. You can take bites of food now, and chew, and you don't gag! You can even pick some of it up yourself. We share all our meals now, you're eating basically everything we eat - and you like it all, even the Indian take out.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays when I leave you at daycare you cry. It hurts so bad. But I listen at the door and once it's shut you only let out one more sob, and then they say you're fine. You like to make your mama feel guilty! And you are pretty attached to me right now. If I'm around you want me to hold you, which is so, so awesome...except for when I'm trying to eat something that needs 2 hands.
You can still be very serious, but love to flirt with checkout girls and waitresses. There's always a smile for the pretty ladies. Fathers hide your daughters - you're too cute for your own good.

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