Monday, April 6, 2009

Fashion Cents

I splurged and bought a new dress. I have nowhere to wear this dress and no need of it, but I saw it and I love it and it is just so freaking cute!

So that is me, just out of the shower, trying to figure out what goes with the dress (definitely the green towel). We went out to dinner Friday and I wore it with jeans, but I would really love some boots. The dress is fun and kind of 60's and needs tall boots. But I (and by "I" I mean my right big toe) found a hole in my only pair of black work flats this morning. Those need to be replaced stat because I am so done with heels. I'm all about COMFORT. Except when it comes to that dress and I would suffer in whatever looks good. Any advice? I really don't know what to wear with it, which is probably why it's been sitting in my closet for 3 months before I just did the jeans thing.

You're probably wondering why I'm in a cheerleader stance. That's because we do not own a full length mirror in our house so I am straddling the bathroom sink with one foot on the toilet and one foot on the tub and OH MY GOD DON'T FALL. Which is a serious concern because have you seen my bruises from falling down a staircase? Um yea....I've been so very coordinated lately and have fallen many, many times. Everything hurts. So it's a good thing I wore jeans with the dress because the bruises and the bumps and the oh yea(shhhh..) unshaved legs.

Oh yea, dinner! We ate at the Craftsman on Lake Street. It was good. For the appetizer we had the cheese plate (always a good thing). Chris had a steak and I had the gnocchi - which was amazing. I've never had homemade gnocchi before, and this was the best gnocchi ever. I wish I could cook like that. But we probably won't be going back there often because HOLY EXPENSIVE. And we didn't even get dessert.


  1. PS - I just looked at my previous post and noticed that it starts with the fact that I was depressed about money, and this one talks about splurging on a new dress and buying clothes. Ironic isn't it?!

  2. You could wear with with leggings and flats... or high boots is a good idea as well! But if you are looking for comfort, but want other options than jeans, leggings and flats... you could get some to match the color of the design instead of black if you want to look more flashy! :)
    Derek says I have an obsession with fashion, although you wouldn't know by my attire most of the time... haha!! xo!

  3. I didn't think of that, and you're right, that could totally look cute!
    Every time I've seen you you've always had something super cute on! And you do have that photographic fashion memory :)
    I wish I was better at fashion, I try, but I feel like I always fall a little short. I joke that I need a personal shopper. A personal interior designer would be nice too!