Sunday, January 25, 2009

Staying Warm

The cat is doing better. We left him out for 4 hours yesterday while we were home and he just slept next to us on the couch while we ate cheese. Yummy glorious cheese, hummus and olives. Drool.

Oh yea, piss cat: This morning he did not as well. He spent a lot of time crying at the walls when I let him out, so now I'm letting him cry in the basement. That little guy has a lot of stamina.

It's cold out this weekend - highs around zero. Although we did take a walk with our smokin' puppy.

"Wants to be cool like all the other dogs"

He could care less that he's walking on snow and it's -10. I couldn't take my hands out of my gloves for more than 2 pictures. We are definitely different animals.

We went to Circuit City and World Market yesterday to see if we could get any good deals. They're closing and I am so, so sad to see World Market go. Obviously I didn't love it that much though because I never even bought their antiqued furniture or imported chocolate. But the deals really weren't that good yet at either of them. 10% off anything worth buying- they've had sales better than that.

In other news, the floors still look AMAZING. Here are pictures. The best part? Sock skating! Oh how I miss pajamas with feet.

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